Acrylic Painting, 35 x 45 (cm)


                                                                 Acrylic Painting,  50 x 70 cm

   Acrylic Painting, 40×40 (cm) 

Touch of Love

Acrylic Painting, 40×40 (cm)

A new apparition, Acrylic Painting,  70 x 60 cm



Fertility, Acrylic Painting,

Fertility,    Acrylic Painting, 70 x 70 (cm)




Acrylic Painting


My Garden Flowers

Glass painting  33 x 37cm

Glass Painting, 33 x 37 cm

The Autumn Colors, Glass Painting,    33 x 37 cm




Bora Bora, Glass Painting,  33 x 37 cm


Aquarium, Glass Painting, 27 x 47 cm

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