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Welcome to Luminiza Design!

Hello my name is Lumi and I established Luminiza Design eight years ago when my passion for creativity was ignited by a dream. In that dream I had a couple of rings on my fingers and wondered how I had made them? Since then I have created several collections of rings and many other pieces of jewellery which have helped and encouraged me to develop new techniques and styles by using varying materials.

I love working with silver metal clay which is a modern and very versatile medium made up of particles of pure silver mixed with water and an organic binder. After shaping and drying, the piece of silver clay is cooked at an extremely high temperatures, the binder burns away leaving behind a pure (99.99%) solid silver piece. All my silver jewellery are hallmarked as fine silver at the London Assay Office (when over the hallmarking weight) where I have my registered mark.
My new challenge is to combine different types of metal clays such as silver, bronze and copper between them or with glass and crystals.

The inspiration for my work comes from everything around me… living by the seaside it is not hard to close my eyes, feel the breeze and imagine the beauty of the underwater life. Many of my memories are from childhood and are connected with the mountains.  As a result the Carpathians theme is often found in my work in the four seasons.

I am affiliated with Worthing Art Studios where my work is displayed and sold at events such as Open Studios or Worthing Open Houses in West End Gallery.

My creations can be found at any of the above events or others advertised on Show and Events page on this website as well as my online shop: Etsy/LuminizaDesign.

Would you like to learn making beautiful jewellery such as the pieces on this site?

Jewellery Making Classes in Silver clay technique 

for max 4 students are available in Worthing, West Sussex.

Classes for beginner or intermediate,  £60.00 per person, tools included.


Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or to book classes  at:

                      0740 704 8913 


                              www.facebook.com/Luminiza Design

                                www.facebook.com/Lumi Ghita



One Response to About me

  1. Janis Goodwin says:

    Hi Lumi I was admiring your pearl bracelet with the amazing clasp on the Parrakex flyer and wondered if you could tell me where you sourced the clasp as I have made a bracelet for myself using similar pearls .

    I would also like times and dates for your classes I am living in Staplehurst

    Kind Regards


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